Fiber News from the Telecom Exchange

Major fiber industry players gathered on Wall Street at the Telecom Exchange to do business at the very elegant Cipriani. Wall Street is demanding faster speeds and lower latencies than any other industry in the world as companies build their notorious high frequency trading platforms. If the internet is a railroad, Wall Street is becoming a test bed for the newest and fastest trains.

Neutral exchange

Paolo Gambini, CMO of Tinet (formerly part of Tiscali), announced that his company has formed an alliance with PCCW of Hong Kong that will give PCCW access to North America and Europe and give Tinet access to Asia-Pacific.

Gambini also said that the company is growing its own EtherCloud platform, which he descrbed as an alternative to ethernet exchanges.

Transatlantic cable

Hibernia Atlantic announced that it will be laying a new transatlantic cable by the middle of next year and offering service on it in Q3 of 2012. The cable aims to reduce latency between the London and New York exchanges by at least 10 percent, to less than 60 ms.

Automated quotes

Greg Hough, CTO of Global Capacity, announced that Lattis Global, its tarriff quoting system, had likely saved 150,000 man hours of work last year by transforming a task that could take hours into one that took several clicks.

The company has added a new offering, One Marketplace Access, whose first customer is MegaPath (which also owns Covad and Speakeasy). OMA delivers specific price quotes for access to specific circuits, making buildouts easier, especially in areas where an ISP does not already have facilities. “We have reduced MegaPath’s SG&A and can help them reach tier 2 and tier 3 markets,” Hough said.

Fiber in New Jersey

Vincenzo Celemente, the very young CEO of Cross River Fiber of Isselin, N.J., announced that it is extending its fiber to the major internet exchange points across the state. The new build will reach important points in the following New Jersey towns: Secaucus, Clifton, Nutley, North Bergen, Newark, Cateret, Edison, Piscataway, Somerset, Rochelle Park, and Totawa.

A great duct system

Hunter Newby, CEO of innovative fiber builder Allied Fiber, praised the contruction of DuPont Fabros‘ Piscataway, N.J. data center as the two companies announced they had connected. Allied Fiber promises to break open its fiber every 3,000 feet as it builds a network across the U.S. (phase one, which is nearing completion, forms a triangle between New York, Chicago, and Ashburn). Allied Fiber found that DuPont Fabros’ data center was only 1,000 feet away from Allied Fiber’s route, which runs along railroad rights of way.

Newby said that the duct system in the Piscataway data center made it very easy to connect to the data center. “The physical infrastructure, multiple points of entry, and the building ducts made this data center unique. As I go across the country, costs vary widely, and costs are mostly determined by landlords, who also vary widely.”

Vinay Nagpal, director of carrier relations for DuPoint Fabros, said that his financial industry customers are using SAN technologies for instant replication of critical data between New Jersey and Ashburn. “Some are able to run SAN applications for up to 180 miles without regeneration.”

Connecting the Toronto exchange

Colleen Gallagher, vice president of business development at First TelecomServices, said that her company has recently lit the last leg of fiber connecting Toronto to its network. The company is a former subsidiary of an energy company and has fiber assets (see map) that connect Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York and has points of presence in eleven states. “We now offer industry leading low latency connections to Toronto,” she said.

A fiber blog

Metro NS announced that they have launched an ethernet-centric blog.

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