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Verizon DBIR Report Has Another Cash Prize

Ryan Naraine reports that the Verizon DBIR report again has some nifty clues.

I had a lot of fun with last year’s.

This year’s report is here. And, oh yes, it will also contain fascinating information as last year’s did.

Widely Publicized FCC Study Demonstrates User Ignorance

A widely publicized study by the FCC on users’ perceptions of their broadband speeds (.pdf) found that 80 percent don’t even know what those speeds are supposed to be.

Also, a clear majority believe that the broadband provider should always “deliver the promised speed” — they clearly don’t know that the contract they signed but did not read merely promises a “best effort”.

Only a third of cell phone customers are pleased with the price and speed they get, though a majority are happy with the cell phone as a phone.

It is not clear at this time how or whether the survey will influence FCC policy.

counter)induction’s “the child is father to the man”

Crumb! I never knew he was so good.

On May 21, 2010, we attended the latest performance of counter)induction. The first piece, “Ikhoor” by Xenakis, a piece for string trio, was greatly enhanced for me by a conversation I recently had with my friend Ken, a violinist. I had said that classical music does not have distortion and he described several methods by which violinists can obtain unusual sounds.

One involves turning the bow on its side, a method that Xenakis used very well in this piece. Another involves lifting the strings and letting them fall against the bridge of the violin, which produces a sound that is very different from plucking.

This was followed by Pascal Dusapin’s Trio Rombach, a piece I did not like.

All of this was a prelude to the meat of the performance.

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MagicJack Terminal Failure

MagicJack support failed. Here is a chat log representing three hours of script. The real problem is that the latest software update caused terminal problems. Don’t buy MagicJack.

Tech support is useless.