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California Recommends All Applications

While Alaska’s governor chose (letter available here but I could not find it on California government websites) to recommend no applications, California governor Schwarzenegger (R) chose to recommend most of them, including many multistate projects based in California.

The most egregious might be Wi-Zee’s, which will “educate” consumers by delivering the company’s CPE to them, but the application was mostly redacted, a shocking violation of transparency.

I think Schwarzenegger did his state no favors by recommending such a large number of applications.

Blogging The Stimulus:
Ofer Tenenbaum and a WISP Consortium

I first wrote about Ofer Tenenbaum’s WISP,, late last year. At the time, the company had 500 customers, was growing fast, and was profitable.

When I saw his name on the list of stimulus applicants, I got back in touch.

The stimulus has allowed him to consider a rapid expansion, using the best available equipment, and working with neighboring ISPs in the NorCal Broadband Access Consortium, which he leads. The Consortium aims to provide WiMAX to rural California counties of Lake, Glenn, Colusa, Napa, and Solano. PNC applied for a $3,136,103 grant and a $2,568,883 loan. The Consortium applied for about $200 million, Tenenbaum said.

Here’s how.

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Ofer Tenenbaum and a WISP Consortium’ »