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Illinois Governor’s Stimulus Letter is Nearly Perfect

The broadband stimulus is supposed to be a transparent process, with input from experts and from communities at every step. One key representative is the state’s governor. Illinois governor Pat Quinn (D), Blagojevich’s replacement, released his letter concerning the broadband stimulus here.

The letter recommends some of the most expensive proposals. Central Management Services, which manages a fiber network serving over 8,000 schools, is requesting $120 million to upgrade the network to serve 69 counties with 3,838 anchor institutions. It’s a massive project.

The City of Rockford requested $70 million for another massive fiber middle mile project.

Clearwire asked for $30 million to support a $62 million project. Parts of the summary were redacted.

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In Favor of Small Stimulus Projects

A quick blog note in favor of projects that cost less than $100,000. When we first learned about the stimulus, we expected applications to ask for large quantities of cash.

I was surprised, then, to see public libraries in small towns requesting the funds to buy 6 PCs, or 20, or 10.

The public library of Coshocton, OH, population 11,682 in the 2000 census, asked for $30,839 to buy 12 laptops and a smartboard.

The city of Grapevine, TX, a suburb of Fort Worth, asked for $59,954 to build a public computer center that would also teach English language classes.

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